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Follow up any and all enquiries.

And not just enquiries – leads and contact too. Just make sure you stay in touch. When you call you don’t need to sell your product or service, just simply make contact, see how they are and catch up. This will keep you in the minds of contacts and potential customers.

Emails and newsletters are also a good way of keeping in contact with people, and with the use of sites such as

www.mailchimp.com anyone can un-subscribe if they really don’t want to hear from you anymore.

Don’t forget the good old pen and paper. In the past 5 years I’ve received probably one or two handwritten letters/cards from networking contacts that were simply catching up. And it worked, their correspondence stood out and I was made to think about them and their business and I immediately contacted them and past referrals their way.

Many leads and enquires can be long term and need regular contact and persuasion in able to convert into sales.

Many enquiries take at least 8 calls to be made before a sale is made.

So please don’t give up and throw away sales. It takes a lot of time and effort to generate a lead, win a contract, and earn a sale: don’t waste it all by failing to follow-up.

Just remember – if you don’t keep in touch, someone else will!

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The thought of going to a networking meeting can bring some people out in a cold sweat, but as long as you realise it’s all about relationship building and NOT selling then there really is nothing to be scared about.
Basically it is just common sense.
Networking is about getting to know people, helping each other out and growing your business at the same time.
For example if you are an accountant and you take on a new client setting up a gardening business you could recommend him to the leaflet printer at the networking group. The leaflet printer gets an enquiry and possibly a sale and you will be more likely to then get a referral back sometime in the future.
I will stress at this point that things do not happen overnight – so do not expect to go to one networking meeting and have 50 more clients by the following morning, it really doesn’t work like that and it does take time.
To find groups in your area just try good old Google or contact your local Chamber of Commerce and Business link. There is generally a charge for attend as most group will include some sort of refreshments and sometimes a guest speaker. Make sure you take business cards and is possible wear a badge showing your name, company and logo.
It can still be daunting to walk through the door, but remember you are actually in a room full of people who want to know what you do and how you can help them.  Ask people questions about their business and get to know what they are looking for, they will automatically ask you about your business so there is no need to ‘sell’. The worst part at most networking groups is the Elevator Pitch, this is where everyone in the room gets to stand up and give a 60 speech about who they are, what they do and what business they are looking for. If you are worried about standing up in front of people make sure you are prepared, practice a speech before hand (usually about 120 words is good) and do not waffle on, say what needs to be said and sit down, you will not be appreciated for mumbling on for 5 minutes.
And have fun, networking is about harnessing opportunities to reach out to the right people, by being genuine, building trust and demonstrating what you can do for them.

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