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Going against the grain.

A few years ago when reality TV was still in its prime the late Jade Goody caused a stir when she went back into the Big Brother house and created ‘The Race Row’. Her racist bullying toward fellow housemate Shilpa Shetty made national and international headlines as well as creating ripples in the UK and Indian governments and causing the show to be suspended.

This then had a knock on effect to Jade’s promotional activities as many retailers decided to take her perfume, Shh, off the shelves. And once the big players, such as Boots, had removed Shh, nearly all others followed suit.

However a small discount health and beauty retailer decided to go against the grain and continue selling Jade Goody’s sickly sweet scent.

Hundreds of women went into panic, thinking the fragrance would be gone forever and the result……………the small discount retailer sold out again and again to the point where their suppliers had sold out too.

So although Jades behaviour was controversial, women still wanted to buy her perfume, and the best things to sell are the things people want. The small discount retailer cashed in by going against the grain and selling what no-one else would, purely because the demand was there.

What demand is there in your market that you may be missing?

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