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Seems simple doesn’t it? To get more profit you just simply need to sell more, right?

Well let me give you a few points that may help………..

1)      Put your prices up. Yes that’s right put your prices up. Apparently if your margin is 10% and you put the prices up by 10% then you can afford to lose 33% of your clients. So before you dismiss this idea, have an honest think about just how many customers you may lose – 1%, 10%, 15%? But how much more income will you be making from the increase?

2)      Get your clients to buy from you more often. Do you have a database of your clients? Can you easily send a special offer to them? If you contact them more often will special offers you potentially can get them to buy more often, therefore increasing your sales!

3)      Once you’ve got your clients buying more often the next step is to get them spending more per sale. That’s why supermarkets have sweets at the checkout, thousands of customers pick up an extra items at say 49p whilst queuing which makes a massive difference to one company with hundreds of stores. All you need to do is add one extra thing to your customers basket.

I’ve only just touched the surface with these 3 points but hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought.

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